Our Legal Services

Maitre Sèverine AUDOUBERT has significant expertise in international and european law, and provides advisory services as part of expatriation, real estate transaction, and lobbying.


  • Assignment, Expatriation, Local Contract, Volunteer for International Experience (VIE), administrative follow-up
  • Work contracts, creation and transfer of company, IP
  • Immigration (visas, golden visas, entrepreneur visa, related procedures)
  • Social protection
  • Toolbox and specific legal services for Start Ups in the internationalization phase
  • Individual and Corporate Tax
  • Real estate aspects of expatriation (search: residential, offices) in country of departure and reception

Real Estate transaction:

The firm is an agent lawyer company in real estate transactions, including international transactions, declared to the Paris Order.
It is a member of the network of AAMTI , 700 qualified members in France and in the World (Caribbean, Indian Ocean , Miami, London, Rome, Madrid, Lisbon, Montreal in progress). We join our clients, whatever their nationality, in their real estate transactions in France and abroad in legal security, in accordance with the statute of the attorney real estate transactions authorized since 2009 by our National Internal Regulations as the main legal and accessories, research & sales, residential, offices.

  • Whether you are a foreign customer
  • Whether you want to invest abroad
  • That your property is abroad
  • Europe (France, Portugal, Spain, Greece, Italy, Belgium, Netherlands, Scandinavia)
  • UK
  • Morocco
  • Israel
  • USA
  •  Caribbean Bow
  • India
  • Canada
  • Ad hoc

We have a highly qualified network of colleagues and professionals (real estate agents, apartment hunters, developers, architects, interior designers ...) actors in the real estate transaction in the world. The firm also accompanies you in the drafting of statutes of SCI and creation of companies.For clients wishing to acquire at judicial and notary auctions in France, the firm takes care of diligences and representation at the hearing.For information, the ministry of lawyer is obligatory to bid before the TGI.


Interest representation is a legitimate part of our democratic system. This activity makes it possible to inform public decision makers and to influence their decision, by making them aware of the consequences of the measures on which they will be brought to pronounce. It should be kept in mind that people or organizations with decision-making power are not experts in all areas. They need to receive qualified information to make their decision. It is one of the roles of lobbyists to provide this information, and to put forward their arguments in a rigorous and organized way.

The lobbyist lawyer has 3 essential qualities to lobby, a real defense of the interests of the clients, in the same way as the council or the litigation: To be a lawyer (method, negotiation, structuring of advocacy, handling and interpretations of standards):

  1. Being a strategist (experience in conducting strategic projects, ability to work in teams and in open architecture with other experts)
  2. Being communicating
  3. The professional and ethical rules of the lawyers allow them to practice lobbying in a transparent manner, to register in lobbyist registers, to state the names of their clients (with their agreement)

Lobbyist lawyer accompanies the representatives of interests, whether you are an Association, a Union, a Professional Organization ... in your approach to influence the application, construction or removal of an impacting standard in the sector which concerns you.

Sectors: Real Estate, Tourism, Health, Defense, Energy, Environment.